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The Jabatix interactive development environment (IDE) is a standard Eclipse desktop environment implemented as a graphical Microsoft Windows application. (Other operating systems may also be supported.)

The IDE is best view in Window-Maximize mode. The desktop window is divided into sub-windows implemented as tabs, so called Views.

Each major area is context-specific, meaning that the contents adjust to the selected major work option. For example, when a Business Object (BO) is selected in the Project Explorer (while the Perspective is Model Design), the main upper-right window (in default window configuration) shows the options for editing Business Objects.

The following overview does not show all available options, but it provides a high-level explanation of the major workbench functions.


Graphic showing an overview of Jabatix workbench interactive development environment (IDE)

The next sections provide an overview of the main menu selections.

File menu

From the File ... menu select New ..., then Model Project ...

Now create your new project:

Now you can see your new project in the Project Explorer.

Edit menu

Navigate menu

Search menu

Project menu

Run menu

Help menu

Licenses menu


In the top right corner, set up your perspectives as follows:

The Perspectives tabs provide access to the main functional components of the Jabatix Workbench.  For the purposes of the Jabatix Workbench Community Edition, we cover Model Design perspective and recommend two additional built in perspectives:

  • Model Design
  • Database Development
  • Report Design

You can reset what the perspective shows by selecting Reset ... from the context menu associated with the perspective:

You can configure, what and how perspectives are presented within the workbench.

From the menu selection Window, select the Preferences option:

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