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 The Jabatix CE Service Desk is the single point of contact for our customers.  It is a communication interface between Jabatix and its customers for the exchange of data on exceptions or questions, support requests, and extension requests.

Problem reports and other requests are handled by our Incident Management System using service tickets.  Upon receipt, they are classified by support engineers, so they can be processed as efficiently as possible.  This approach ensures that none of your inquiries are lost or not addressed, should a particular specialist be absent.

Customers can directly monitor and track the progress and processing of their queries and have a comprehensive overview of their tickets.

To use the Jabatix CE Service Desk, a user must be a registered Jabatix customer.  

How to use the Service Desk

The main screen of the Jabatix service desk looks as follows:

The search option,

... can be used to find specific Service Desk request options, for example:

To find your previous requests, use the Requests option in the upper right corner.

You can only see your own requests, not those of other users.

Create a ticket
  • Raise a Bug:  report a potential problem with the software
  • Raise a Service Request:  request a service or function not covered by the maintenance contract
  • Raise a Support Request: request a service covered by the maintenance contract
  • Raise an Enhancement:  request changes to, or extension of, the existing functionality

The interface for reporting ("raising") a possible error is self-explanatory:

  • A - Critical:  system-level complete malfunction without work-around
  • B - Serious:  partial system/major function malfunction without reasonable work-around
  • C - Medium:  partial malfunction with available work-around - substantial data corruption
  • D - Small:  partial malfunction with available work-around - minor data corruption 
  • E - Minor:  system fully usable, but non-critical malfunction, e.g. a deviation from specification

It is important to describe the perceived problem in enough detail that our developers can reproduce the error and then fix it.  Include details about your environment, what you exactly did before the error occurred, how the error manifested itself, and any error messages that may have been shown.  Also crucial are the exact symptoms experienced.

As a result of a service request, the following confirmation is presented:

The user interface for the other request types is the same.  Make sure you select the correct ticket option based on the descriptions above.

Information about previous requests

The option in the top right, Requests, provides you with information about your previous requests:

When you click on your request summary link, the request is displayed as follows:

Note the status of the request:

This will be updated by the service team, as the issue is examined and eventually resolved.

On this screen, you can amend your request with a comment.

For more information on the Service Desk, please visit the Support page on our website.