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Due payments are provided by the function ‘Management of Lending Operations’. These can include loan payments or receivables such as instalment payments.

Payment instructions are generated using this information and transferred to the connected payment system.

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Payment Instructions

The payment information and the associated internal or external payment methods are provided from the payment dates during the management of lending operations.

These payments are posted in the credit subledger as accounting entries, then balanced and transferred to the payment system as payments.

Credit notes for overpayment of loans are included in the payment instructions in addition to the payout of loans and receivables (interest, repayments, charges).

This process is triggered by dates (due) or events (new deals). In this way, loans can be paid out promptly and payins can be included on a permanent basis.

Transfer to the Payment System

Payments orders are transferred individually to the payment system depending on the connected system. In this case, the appropriate data records or payment files are generated and transferred in accordance with the transfer type.

These payment instructions are further processed in the payment system or posted separately if necessary and transferred to the payment service provider.

Feedback on the data processed is also sent to the account management system.