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EE installation instructions

System requirements
version 1.x:

  • Window      Windows operating system
  • JDK 8
  • Oracle      database Oracle database (minimum: Oracle Database 11g or Oracle Database 11g Express      EditionExpress Edition)
  • (Optional)      JBoss  JBoss EAP 7.0 or Wildfly 10.1.0. Final Application Server


Unpack the downloaded zip files to a directory of your choice and start the InstallerJabatixEE.exe. Then follow the instructions for the installation wizard step by step.

During installation, you can deploy Jabatix EE to an existing JBoss / Wildfly Server. Alternatively,  a Wildfly 10.1.0.Final Application Server (Java EE7 Full & Web Distribution) is installed by the installer. Optionally, a module with the Oracle JDBC drivers necessary is also created.

Jabatix EE consists of two separate server instances. The web interface for users and administrators is provided by the Jabatix EE Web UI Server. The Jabatix EE Batch Server is the runtime environment for the Jabatix models. A port offset has to be allocated so that both server instances can operate in parallel. The standard port is 8080. Please make sure that the port assignment does not collide with other existing servers on the target system.

You will be asked by the installation wizard to enter the parameters required for a JDBC connection in order to install the Jabatix EE database. For this purpose, it is advisable to use your own database schema in order to prevent any possible conflicts with the existing database objects.

Starting the Jabatix EE Web UI Server

In order to start the Jabatix EE Web UI Server, please switch to the following directory: <INSTALLATION_ROOT>/server-config/jabatix-web-ui and execute start-jboss.cmd Script . After a successful start, you can call up Jabatix in the browser http://localhost:<HTTP-PORT>/. The HTTP port depends on your port offset assignment (8080 + port offset). The port 8280 is used as the default. To log in, please use user admin with the password admin. The user and the password can be changed any time in the user management.

Starting the Jabatix EE Batch Server

In order to start the Jabatix EE Batch Server, please switch to the following directory: <INSTALLATION_ROOT>/server-config/jabatix-batch and execute  start-jboss.cmd Script.

Once both servers have been started, Jabatix EE is operational.


An appropriate licence is needed to fully operate Jabatix EE. For this purpose, there are two options:

  • Three-month test version free of charge
  • Full version subject to payment

Once you have received the appropriate licence by e-mail, you can import it via Settings-> General-> Licences. To this end, please select Install licence and enter your ticket number in the dialog that follows (you will also have received this by e-mail) and then upload the licence file.