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A step in a process flow. An action is usually a script but can also be a job step.

Process Flows Explorer


Collection of classes, procedures and functions. These procedures and functions cannot be actions.


Business Object

This is equivalent to a record or a class (only attributes) but can contain mappings

Business Objects and Mappings


A domain-specific language whose syntax is similar to VBA. Cantor is the language recommended for Jabatix.

The Cantor scripting language DSL

Context menu

The menu selected via the alternate mouse button Context menu explanation


As in Groovy, Java and other common programming languages. They are usually applied to deal with errors.

Exception handling (Try-Catch blocks)

Interactive Development Environment (IDE)

Refers to the Eclipse desktop user interface, where developers have access to the range of tools required to efficiently implement Jabatix solutions.Eclipse platform help

Jabatix Server

This is an application server to which Jabatix is deployed. It is only by means of this enhancement that models can be executed outside the workbench.

Installation of the Jabatix Server


Group of actions in a process flow.

Process flows


Connection between a business object and a data source (e.g. database table, Excel sheet).

Business Objects and Mappings


This is equivalent to a project in Java. A model is a collection of business objects, process flows, scripts and other elements that belong to a project.

Model projects

Model parameters

Input parameters for the process flows. The model parameters can be set in the UI or in the workbench before the start of a PF.

Model parameters

Model reference

Reference from a model to another. The referencing model can use business objects, libraries and scripts in the   referenced model.

Model references

Process Flow

Collection of program steps. A PF represents a program or a sub-program.

Only PFs can be started on the Jabatix server or in the workbench.

Process flows management

Process Flow Explorer

Displays a process flow. A process flow can also be edited here.

Process Flows Explorer

Project Explorer

View in the perspective 'Model Design'. The model and all its components are shown in the Project Explorer. It can also be created and modified here.

The Jabatix WorkbenchCommunity Edition introduction

Server Model Synchronization

View in the perspective 'Model Design'.  In this view, models from the workbench can be deployed and undeployed to the Jabatix server.

The Jabatix WorkbenchCommunity Edition introduction  


Program code in Cantor or Groovy. Scripts can be actions of process flow.

Cantor scripting

Groovy scripting

Trigger library

Special library whose procedures and functions are executed for reading, validating and writing operations on   business objects.



Eclipse IDE where the Jabatix feature is installed. The workbench is the development environment for Jabatix.

The Jabatix WorkbenchCommunity Edition introduction