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Step 1: Preparations

-          Install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, Version Neon 3.

-          The download is available at

-          Install and start Eclipse. In the Main Menu go to Help and select Install New Software

-          In the opened Available Software Window press the button Add.

-          Enter following data in the dialogue: Name: Nebula,  Location: → press OK

  • Note: Installation is not required: Eclipse only needs to be able to find the feature.

-          Back in the opened Available Software Window choose now following entry from the Work With selection: Neon -

-          Next, check the entry for the Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting option in the list of options.

-          Install BIRT: Press Next, and once again Next. Read and accept the license agreements, then press Finish.

-          After the installation of BIRT, you will be asked to reboot eclipse – do so.

Step 2: Finalize the Jabatix Workbench Installation

-          Open the Eclipse Marketplace:

-          Click the button Install and drag it to your running eclipse workspace

  • Note: Alternatively, if the installation via Marketplace leads to problems, you can also perform the following steps:

-          Open the Available Software Window (via HelpInstall New Software)

-          Click the button Add.

-          Enter following data in the dialogue: Name: Jabatix,  Location: → Press OK

-          Now check Jabatix Workbench from the List and start the Installation:

-          Click Next. Installation details are displayed.

-          Click Next. On the page displayed, read and accept license conditions.

-          Select Finish. The installation proceeds.

-          A security warning appears → Press OK

-          Restart the Eclipse IDE to finalize the installation.

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