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The Jabatix Workbench is implemented in the Eclipse platform as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a set of tools for information management and transformation, process automation, and reporting or implementing downstream data streams.  The workbench includes a provided copy of the Apache Derby relational database management system.

The workbench is primarily organized into perspectives and explorers, with additional tabbed windows configured to allow for all necessary development activities in a logical, integrated fashion.

The following functions are supplied by the Jabatix Workbench:

  • The Project Explorer has been extended within the Model Design perspective and provides access to core processing components like business objects, scripts, and reports:
    • Business Objects wrap a wide variety of data sources (from flat and CSV files, to Excel spreadsheets, to relational database tables) and implement transformations, process flows and reports: the Model Design perspective
  • Custom programming with the Groovy DSL Cantor script, the Groovy script language, and Java components
  • The Database Development perspective manages data sources
  • Workflow automation with process flows: interactive or batch modes

The following built-in perspective are recommended while working with the Jabatix Workbench:

  • The Database Development perspective manages data sources
  • The BIRT Reporting Engine is available for download as an alternative to Jabatix reporting - this provides the Report Design perspective

The child pages below provide additional details on the various workbench processing options, in particular:

  • Using the Eclipse-based interactive development environment (IDE)
  • Creating and managing components from Project Explorer
  • Connecting to data sources and destinations with the Data Source Explorer
  • Using the BIRT (Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) reporting engine
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