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This section covers the Project Explorer tab and its functions.

To create a new project - we will call it Hello<yourname>, as in HelloJohnSmith, please follow these steps:

  1. From the File menu, select New and Model Project from the sub menu.

  1. The next screen allows you to specify the location for the new project folders and files.

  1. You can now verify that your new project has been created:

  1. Next, we switch to the Database Development perspective to set up our database connection. (Most projects will presumably use a relational database as a data source and/or destination.)

  1. When connected, the Data Source Explorer shows the following view:

Next, return to the Model Design perspective and create a Business Object (BO).

My new BO shows up in the tab Business Object Management, and I have created a field greeting to hold my string with the greeting, "Hello Universe!"

Now I create a new Script "sayHello.cantor":

Then I edit my script:

This simple script loads a greeting into the business object defined earlier and reads it back out for display in the Console tab.

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