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The following guide describes how to register a report for making it visible in the reporting menu on the Jabatix server.

Create a new process flow and select as Type ReportRegistration.

After creating the process flow, a new layer is required. Add the report required to the layer via drag and drop:


→ add a layer, drag and drop the report into the newly created layer

Now a new action is required. Open the context menu on the created layer and select New Registration Action:


→ follow wizard


The application name JabatixCE is mandatory as this is the default entry point for report registration. Group and category can be defined as desired.

Finally, deploy the model on the connected server. From there on, the report registration is performed implicitly, no further action is required.The report is now visible in the reporting menu under the defined category and within the group in accordance with the report registration.

The history of every report run is kept automatically and can be viewed anytime.
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