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High Heels – with BIRT Reporting on the Jabatix Server

The High Heels Reporting Demo is evaluated during the sales-promotion time, using BIRT reporting and several cantor-powered scripts to evaluate data. The technique is designed with a Consumer-Producer Pattern using a data queue for transferring the incoming data from the different shops into the processing routines of the demo model.

  1. Abstract

The general processing flow can be visualized in following three simplified steps


     2. Concrete Processing

A detailed view of the processing using a Jabatix Server is shown below. Each blue rectangle stands for a process flow defined in the model.  All data, either incoming data or processed data, are handled using business objects:

  • The data queue is managed globally by the Jabatix Server and holds the in-memory business objects.
  • The processed data are persisted on the database using a business object.



High Heels Reporting:



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