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Jabatix Workbench allows different programs (models) and other runnable tasks, such as report instantiation, to be combined into a process sequence, which is executed as an automaton interactively or in batch mode.

Process flows are accessible from the Project Explorer view.  By selecting the context menu of such an entry and then context menu-clicking on Show in Process Flow Explorer, the corresponding process sequence can be viewed and edited.

Process Flow Explorer

A process flow automates multiple functional steps into an integrated flow of actions that can be run as one execution unit and consists of several parts. These are described below:

  • Process flow is like a program; it is the framework for the following parts:
    • Layer - group of program steps
    • Action - a program step
    • Parameter - the parameters for the model can be limited and adapted for each process flow
  • Finally a description is priovided on how the execution of PFs can be parallelized.
Creating a process flow

Process flows are listed in the Project Explorer in the Process Flows section and in detail in the Process Flow Explorer (see graphic below) .


When selecting Context Menu → New → Process Flow, a wizard that creates a new process flow is started.

  • A process flow has a name, shown in the Project Explorer and at the top of the Process Flow Explorer tab.
  • The process flow is started by selecting its name and clicking on the process flow run icon ; a single step can be executed by selecting its entry and clicking on the icon 
  • The description is not a mandatory field
  • There are several types of process flows:
    • Default - can also be started outside the model, particularly from the UI
    • Internal - can only be started inside the model, not from the UI in particular
    • Job, SubJob, JobStep, JobCheckpoint, JobTrigger, JobRollback - special types for job control (can only be used in EE, subject to payment)
Creating and changing a layer

The Process Flow Explorer can be opened by a double click on the process flow entry in the Project Explorer.

First of all, a layer has to be created: Please press the icon with the green plus sign or open the context menu in the Process Flow Explorer and select 'Add'. Each layer must have a name.

The layers can be shifted by using the arrow buttons in the Process Flow Explorer and can be deleted by using the button with the red X.

Creating and changing an action

Actions can be generated within a layer. The types of actions depend on the type of a process flow. Please open the context menu of a layer to select a script action, for example.

All the scripts of the current model and all referenced models are displayed in the open window; please select one.

The name of the scripts is proposed as the name of the action. If the name is adopted, there is a simple connection between the action and the related script.

If several actions are allocated to a layer, they can be moved by using the arrow button in the Process Flow Explorer.

Kinds of execution

Process flows can either be executed locally or, if available, remotely on a Jabatix EE server. The following example shows the activated buttons for executing the process flow locally.

The additional execution buttons, currently disabled, will be enabled upon a connection to a Jabatix EE Server:

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