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When the web interface is first accessed, the following login window is displayed:


After the initial installation of the application, a standard user with the following data, which is needed for accessing the web interface, is generated:

  • User name: admin
  • Password: admin

If you click the checkbox ‘Automatic Login’, you do not need to enter the user name and password the next time the application is accessed. However, this only applies if you do not exit the application with ‘Log out’. Simply close the browser or the Jabatix window and you will be automatically registered when you re-access the application.

After the first login, the user is asked to change the password:


Once the user has logged in successfully, an overview screen showing the favourites for the user in question is displayed (default setting is empty):

By using the button in the header of the page, all the applications that can be assigned to the favourites are shown. The user’s access rights, which can be defined in the User Management, are decisive for viewing the applications and their functions.

The settings selected for a user can be saved by selecting the tiles and then activating the icons .


The following functions can be found in the upper section of the page:

  • Selection of favourites
    Display of all applications and definition of favourites for the user in question

  • User Management
    Management and configuration of users and groups

  • User Notifications
    Messages for the current user

  • Settings
    Definition of system-wide settings (customizing, mailing, licences, password policy)

  • Help
    Help function for the user (mail to support, project homepage, report a bug, Skype, About)

  • User Menu
    Modification of the profile settings for the current user (Select company, Select language, Change password, Logout)



In order to access the portal settings, the symbol  in the upper header on the right has to be activated. In addition, a user has to be assigned the role Foundation – System Administrator. The following settings page, which is divided into the following sections, is displayed:


A logo and a favicon for the page can be defined in the tab Customising. To this end, an image file for the field in question has to be selected and uploaded.

The logo that has been defined will be displayed in the upper area of the login page.

The favicon is used to display the browser icon as well as the portal icon in the upper header:


The mailing settings have to be defined in this tab so that the server can send a mail to a user in some cases. Mails are sent via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).



The licences for the application are managed in this tab. All the licences and the information required are displayed in the tables shown.

A new licence can be requested in the upper area of the table by activating the button .

The following button  can be activated to import an existing licence file. Once the licence file has been installed successfully, the licence information is shown in the table below:

Password Policy

The password policy allows the system administrator to define certain restrictions for passwords for a certain user. The password policy is delivered with pre-defined values for the initial installation and can be adapted accordingly.

A description for each setting is displayed on the right beside the field.





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