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All the models installed can be seen under Jabatix Server.

When the user clicks on a row, the following detailed display for the model selected opens.

The following information or actions can be selected on the left in the sidebar.

Show executions 

Display of all executions for this model

Execute process flow 

Manual start of a process flow for this model

Show scheduling 

Display of future scheduled job executions

Edit default parameter 

Changes to the default values of the parameters for this model

If a parameter is adjustable the user can override its default value. By clicking “Reset” the default value of a single parameter is reset to the original default value. By clicking “Reset All” all parameters are reset to the original default value.

Download model archive 

Download the source code for this model

Undeploy model 

Delete this model from the application server

Remove executions 

Delete the job history (execution history)

Edit data source mappings 

Mapping (= linking) the application server data source with the model data sources

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