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The Jabatix Enterprise Edition is a standard Java Enterprise Edition application that uses the Red Hat JBoss or Wildfly Application Servers. Jabatix Enterprise is well-suited to support large-volume data processing and batch reporting under production conditions.

Jabatix model projects developed with the Workbench are deployed on the server and executed there. The server supports asynchronous execution and queuing. In addition, the server offers its own portal (Web UI) and a number of convenient functions presented as interactive tiles that allow applications to be built and deployed rapidly.

Ready-to-use application components:

  • The Job Control System (JCS) for planning and executing the process sequences, programs and models. It is also possible to integrate programs that have not been programmed with the Jabatix Workbench.
  • A user-friendly Portal (Web User Interface) with many standard functions such as language selection, user administration, and access protection. The programs/models/process flows are grouped into tiles.
  • The Data Mart Viewer provides a simple user interface for searching and displaying business objects declared as data marts.
  • The Report Viewer displays the reports created with Jabatix, in a sortable table; it also contains an archive of the generated reports with many application convenience functions.

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