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This page provides you with guidance on how to import projects into the Jabatix Workbench.  In particular, the provided project samples are covered, but the procedure is the same for all projects previously exported as Model Archives.

Importing projects

After installing the Jabatix Workbench, as a registered user, you can download example projects as an arcihve file (.zip) from the Jabatix website.  

The following project samples are available at this time:

  1. Project 1: HelloWorldBasic
  2. Project 2: HelloWorldInternational

  3. Project 3: WarehouseCreationFromETL

  4. Project 4: CalculateValueAtRisk

Common import steps

Select Import... from the File... menu.

Alternative 1 - Import the HelloWorldBasic sample

Find the HelloWorldBasic archive file in the examples folder in your Workbench installation:

Possible path, depending on the choices you made during the extraction of the examples:


Select Finish..., and the project is imported:

Alternative 2 - Import multiple projects from a folder

Down load the archive (.zip file) (where XX is the day, YY the month, and ZZZZ the year of the release of this file) from the Download page on the webpage.  Extract the contents to a location you can find again.

Next, select the option, Model Archives from Folder:

The dialog box shown next allows you to select the sample projects - the HelloWorldBasic sample from the workbench examples directory, (for example, depending on your installation choices):  C:\dev\Jabatix\workbench\examples, others from the directory to which you extracted them.

If an error occurs, such as:

You must delete the folder in the file system to import the project in its place.

With all errors cleared (if any), now select the destination folder:

Select the archives to import:

...and press Finish:

Note that any projects already installed cannot be selected.

As a result, you will see the imported projects in the Project Explorer:

Import a single project

To import a single project, go to File... --> Import:

Select the Model Archive option in the Import dialog:

Press Finish..., to complete the importing process.

Note: You cannot overwrite a project with the same name as already exists in your workspace. If this is your intention, change the name of the existing project or delete it first, then import the project archive that you want to import (again). But if you delete an existing project, you will lose elements that you have created for it.

Generally, before making changes to your workspace content, making a backup archive is highly recommended.

Note on deleting a project

If you want to delete an existing project before importing another one, or another version of the deleted one, be sure to delete with the option Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone):


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