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Highlights of the blueprint:

      • Integrated accounting rules engine (ARE)
      • Multi GAAP, Multi Entity, Multi Currency
      • Parallel accounting, adjustment accounting supported
      • Optional full size General Ledger
      • Export of D/C-entries or accounting events to any third party ARE
      • IFRS 9 ready: Template with IFRS 9 compliant accounting logic and chart of account. Based on the experience gained in more than 10 years in financial accounting for IAS 39 and in current IFRS 9 projects with different auditors FERNBACH developed an accounting logic which covers all business events for the entire portfolio of the entity. The accounting logic and a standard chart of accounts which can be individualised through a simple mapping process during the project are part of each delivery.
      • Templates for various GAAPs with pre-defined accounting rules and chart of accounts

The major focus of the blueprint Financial Accounting is providing balance sheet and income statement.

It supports

  • Multi GAAP
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Company (multi tenant)


Figure: Blueprint Financial Accounting

An Accounting Rules Engine is placed at the centre of the blueprint. It generates debit/credit entries for delivered accounting transactions. 

The Accounting Rules Engine transforms accounting transactions into debit/credit-entries. For this transformation, a configurable rules set that includes accounting logic and account assignment will be considered.





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