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Jabatix Finance is a component-based solution for financial organizations, such as banks. These components can be readily and seamlessly integrated as Calculation Kernels into custom software development projects.

Using the Search function below, you can find the Calculation Kernels for your requirements.

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Jabatix Finance Basis Model I9CIBM calculates forward-looking impairment provisions for all three stages of compliance with IFRS 9. Depending on the stage and the situation, this will require:

  • An IFRS 9 compliant Loss Given Default (LGD), using the financial instrument’s EIR as the discount factor (for collective provisions in Stages 1 and 2 and portfolio allowance on individual instruments in Stage 3)
  • A 12-month forward-looking Probability of Default (PD) "Point-in-Time" (PIT) (for collective provisions in Stage 1)
  • A lifetime PD "Point-in-Time" (PIT) (for collective provisions in Stage 2)
  • A comparison of estimated recovery cash flows against contractual cash flows, using the instrument’s EIR as the discount factor (for specific provisions in Stage 3)

For each individual portfolio, Jabatix Finance can either import these figures from one of your other systems, or an additional Jabatix Finance module can calculate it for you.

The following flow charts explain which Jabatix Finance Calculation Kernel will complement your existing accounting environment to make it fully IFRS 9 compliant:

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