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The blueprint Hedge Accounting includes all components that are required to manage hedge relations, to valuate financial instruments considered as hedged item or hedging instruments, approve effectiveness and to reflect hedge relations in financial accounting and reporting.

The hedge solution is based on components. Some not complementary components offer alternative options for hedge specific treatment.

For example the component “Hedge Import” supports the import of hedge relations and changes during the life cycle of the hedge. Instead of the import of externally managed hedge solutions another alternative component supports the management in Jabatix Finance.

For the effectiveness test several components with alternative approaches are available.

All components work with standardized import and export interfaces. They can be easily integrated standalone or as part of the entire blueprint into any IT-landscape. In general the following integration scenarios are supported:

  1. Standalone integration of an individual component
  2. Blueprint Hedge Accounting as embedded part of the entire Jabatix Finance solution for IFRS 9
  3. Blueprint Hedge Accounting as standalone solution for Hedges






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